Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Risks on Diabetic Patients

I found out just the other week that my aunt came out of the hospital because of some complications brought about by her diabetes. Mom saw her one time at one of our relatives’ gathering and she was shocked to see her so skinny and cannot walk straight. She found out that my aunt could no longer see clearly, as her eyes where affected already by her diabetes, just one of the many complications any diabetic patients can have. It’s so sad to hear about that news and her diabetes must have been uncontrollable perhaps because of lack of medicines to take.

I just hope her children will monitor their blood sugars as well because we all know that diabetes has a genetic component. Diabetic patients can however manage their disease if they are disciplined with their food and lifestyle. There are also medicines that they can take to stabilize their blood sugar but recently a drug called Actos has been found out to cause heart attacks or heart failure and much worst is bladder tumors.

Any medicines that you’ll be taking when you have diabetes should be consulted first to your doctor and just be aware that Actos has dangerous side effects.

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