Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on Gloomy Friday

Been overly busy these past few days that’s why I’m not been able to update my blogs all the time. My designing mojo is overflowing once again that’s why I’m busy creating digi-scrapping kits that I sell over at ARTSCOW, where I am one of the digi-designers there. There are even times when my right arm is aching due to over use and my eyes are burning like hell as I focus too much on my monitor. I guess, I have to defocus and exercise my eyes too every now and then.

Health wise, I’m still at my thinnest :( as I weigh only 90lbs. in the last 6 months and still experiencing bouts of fullness/indigestion which is my problem since early this year. If others are thinking about taking diet pills to lose their unwanted weight, I’m thinking on how to gain weight. You see, I’m not  gaining any pound for a while even though I try to eat more.

I’m looking forward on meeting some friends before the month ends and my mini-vacation on Oct. in Legaspi to attend a birthday of my godchild.

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