Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New HP Desktop for Me

Yey! Love it!

Been using my Dell laptop for 2 years now at the house and I already find it too small and slow for my computer needs so I decided to buy another HP desktop just like what I’m using at my shop. Actually, I wanted a bigger monitor so it’ll be more comfortable when I’m designing digi kits and digi-scrapping.

It was on Aug. 30 when I purchased this HP p6290d desktop pc at TCA computer shop in Greenhills. There are several HP desktop with different specs and I’m having a hard time what to choose when the salesman showed me this model and thought the specs is great for my computing needs. It’s much faster and has wireless keyboard and mouse plus it’s already wifi ready so I got this.


HP p6290d desktopIMG_0934

HP p6290d desktopI just love TCA Greenhills for they have different brands of desktops, laptop, computer monitors, and other gadgets/accessories. I’m looking forward on purchasing more gadgets on their store in the future. Now, with my new desktop I’m more productive and inspired to work. Yay, I need to open my laptop from time to time.

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