Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, I’m a Phil Health Member

phil healthI’ve been encouraged by friends and relatives to become a member of PHIL HEALTH for the longest time already but I’m just too lazy to go to the nearest branch and file my application. I also don’t want to go to that office for I hate long lines and waiting.

I’m being stubborn and lazy and I regret it ! If only I have applied long time ago, I should have had discounts when I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy at Medical City on February. I should also have used that to get more discounts when my mom was confined 2x in the hospital last year and just 2 weeks ago. I hate myself for that!

Finally, my sister-in-law brought my application and hers too at the Phil health office and voila only just after 45 mins. or so she already got our Phil Health IDs! Wow that was just easy and I should have known that. I need a slap on my butt for not doing it much early.

Anyway, at least my SIL and I are already members now. I paid the whole year (July 2011- June 2012) which is only P1,200 (100/ month) and soon I can  already use it to get discounts when my mom and I will have some health problems.

Now that I have a Phil Health card, the option to compare life insurance quotes is my next agenda and if ever I can afford to have such then I’ll get one.

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