Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Blessing From Heaven

A friend of mine is on the family way once again and just like her first born she and her husband were excited once again. Another blessing up in heaven is given to them and they are more than thankful and feel blessed. How’d I wish the same experience will be given to another friend who’s waiting to be blessed with a child too.

The baby is due before the year ends and right now, she’s busy buying some clothes and other baby stuff. There are handdowns from her 1st baby but she still wants new things for the new baby so she’s up and about looking for things. She mentioned that her mom in the US will also give her a Mountain Buggy Duet stroller and will be sent it via box. I’m sure her mom will not only send a stroller but a box full of baby stuff, which I’m sure will make her one happy momma.

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