Thursday, March 29, 2012

Draw Something and Me

I don’t usually play games on Facebook and on my iphone. The only games that I played before was the Bejewelled and the Fruit Ninja hehe. I never played the Farmville, Restaurant City, Plants and Zombies, and even the popular Temple Run.
imageI’ve been hearing about Draw Something from friends and they are asking to add them so that they can play. I just curious and one day on March 19th, I downloaded that game on my phone and started to play. At Draw Something there are words that you need to draw and there’s a corresponding points for each. Points accumulated can be used to buy more colors or timebomb. Your opponent needs to guess your drawing by putting the correct letters on the clue box. It was fun and I got addicted for the 1st few days .. hahahaha.

My first opponent was just a random player that I didn’t know and I was laughing how ugly my drawing was.
Here’s my very 1st drawing: Bird Cage hehe.


There’s even an instance where I need to check on my Draw Something while having my breakfast hehe. Now, I’m a little bit busy with work so it’s been days that I have not played but as soon as I’m free I’ll play again!

This game is fun and addicting. You don’t need to have be Picasso to draw because even if you draw like a mess (like me sometimes!), what matters most is the fun!

Here’s my Shrek drawing that I love hehe.

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