Thursday, March 8, 2012

House Re-Painting Starts Today


It’s a busy day for me and our workers for today I let them start painting inside of our house. Early this morning, I took all (almost) of my stuff in my room to make way for the cleaning and painting. Oh boy, I got a lot of stuff accumulated and I was overwhelmed with all of them. Good thing, my SIL also helped me in putting some of my stuff on big black plastics to avoid dust and dirt. I have to make sure that my bags are neatly kept hehe.

I also took some of my clothes in my closet and have it painted as well. I think it was 10+ years ago when I had my room repainted so I was kinda excited. Today, my room was done, the only left that needs to be re-painted are my dresser, table and the sidings of my ceiling.


I think I will not put some of my decors and stuff in my room so it will  not be too crowded. Tomorrow, our workers will paint my table, door and dresser then it’s my mom’s room next.

imageAhh.. I can’t wait for this project of mine to be done bec. our house will be neat once again. I just hope mom will let me trash all the unnecessary stuff in our house.

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