Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Grand Family Reunion

It was last Feb. 26 when we had a grand family reunion (mother side) at the covered court in our area. After many months of meeting and preparations, finally our get together after 5 years happened once again. My aunts have been so active in the preps and I salute them for the smooth and organized celebration.

We’re at the venue at 10:30 am for registration. Our clan’s color theme was ORANGE and we’re assigned to bring friend tilapia, sweet and sour sauce plus atsarang bukid.

Foods are overflowing. Some of the balikbayans contributed 2 lechon and other foods as well.

The highlight of the party was the game time and my mom even danced the teach me how to dougie but unfortunately she didn;t win but it was fun experience for her. It was a day of fun, laughter, eating and most of all bonding time with all my relatives. Actually, I didn’t know all of them for our clan is just big.

I’m hoping that in 2014, we’ll have another reunion for it’ll bring us more close to one another.image

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