Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 2 part 2- Night Safari

Day 2 of 6 - July 3, 2012 (Tuesday) Dukw Tour (water and city tour) Singapore Flyer Vivo City Night Safari Continuation of our Day 2 is at NIGHT SAFARI.
Night Safari Singapore
Wow, what a day we had. That morning we went to Singapore Flyer then at Vivo City where we had a mini-shopping.
Before 6 pm we’re at Night Safari already and when we arrived there are long lines at the entrance already. It’s not even a weekend or a holiday but there are many tourists coming in that night.

We boarded a tram and enjoyed all the animals living there. We’re so amazed because there’s no fence surrounding the animals and we’re worried that they might run after us but I guess the park will not let any bad thing happen to the tourists.
We’re able to watch the fire show and the performers were all amazing. Putting fire in their mouths without any fear is something the tourists loved to watch.
I’m not feeling so good that night because I’m pmsing but fortunately I’m not so cranky so I was able to enjoy the trip and the show. After few hours, we all went home very tired but happy! Home at around 10pm.

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