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Our Singapore Vacation: Day 3- Universal Studios Singapore

Day 3- of 6 - July 4, 2012 (Wed.)

It’s another adventure for all of us. We’re excited to go to Universal Studios Singapore so we woke up quite early. It was raining when we left the house but luckily it stopped when we arrived at the Universal Studios! Such a blessing!

Upon entering the premises of the Resorts World at 10 am, we already had non-stop picture taking. We all got excited when we already saw the Universal Studios globe spinning around at the entrance. As usual, photo taking is not to be missed.


We know that we’ll be walking non-stop inside, sis Beng rented a wheelchair for my 79 yr. old mom. We’re laughing because she didn’t want to be wheeled around like a disabled but we need to put her there so she’ll not get tired so easily.
There are 7 zones to explore at Universal Studios: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Our first stop is at MADAGASCAR where we rode a small boat carrying us inside. My 9 yr old niece was more than happy and giddy when she saw all the characters inside. It was entertaining and the long line that we endured is worth it.
Second stop is at SHREK 4D Adventure at Far Far Away Zone. I have to say that I enjoyed this very much!! Mom didn’t seat at the moving chair so she stay at the chairs that are not mobile.

Right after that, the teens went on a ride (forgot what it is) while we adults stayed and ordered food at GOLDILOCKS. We had chicken, burger and fries for our hungry stomach.
Fourth stop is at DONKEY LIVE where we get to sing and dance with cute, clever and funny Donkey.

We then passed by the LOST WORLD Zone where Jurassic Park is there but we didn’t went into the ride.
We’re fascinated next at the ANCIENT EGYPT Zone. Those huge ancient stones and statues are just awesome. Only the teens and sis J went inside the MUMMY Ride but they’re scared to death because as they say it was dark inside.
Walking along we reached the SCI- FI City. The big transformer toy was a big attraction there but unfortunately I didn’t have any photo with it. We’re excited to get inside the TRANSFORMER the Ride that we never realized that the ride was so intense and not fitted for my mom. I’d blame us for not reading the signs with much attention and to those ushers who didn’t bother to ask us if we’re really going to have our mom ride it.

Anyway, this is the ride that we all will never forget! We’re laughing so hard and scared so much for mom. Sis and BIL, me and mom were seated altogether and as soon as the ride started, it was so intense.. lol I could not believe we had our mom rode that thing. It was so bumpy and all I did was to hug mom and tell her just to close her eyes. We didn’t enjoy the ride bec. our focus was on mom. Thankfully, the ride stopped and mom was not feeling good and we know it.

We took the ride once again w/o mom of course and it was the best! I never enjoyed the ride so much like that. I was seated next to my 9yr old niece and she’s screaming with excitement. The TRANSFORMER Ride is awesome but after riding it twice I felt that the food in my stomach went into my

We continued our walk and there’s the SESAME STREET characters Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster dancing.


Worried about mom, we decided to take her to the CLINIC and gosh her BP is 180/90 that time. SIL and mom stayed in the clinic for a while so she can rest. Thank God, we took her there so she can have the rest.

nurse taking mom’s BP at the clinic

While mom and SIL are in the clinic, we proceeded in exploring Universal Studios more. At first, Reign and I went with them at the Steven Spielberg movie show but backed out thinking it was another bumpy ride lol. Reign and I just strolled around Sesame Street area and just take photos there.

Moving along, the teens with my sis J are too brave to ride the CYCLON Ride, Battle Star Galactica and the Mummy Ride. We just waited for them at the bench. It was already hot and a bit humid that time so I just stayed at the bench waiting for them. They came back tired so we had some snacks; this time mom is with us already after resting in the clinic.
We wanted to watch the WATERWORLD show but unfortunately we’re not able to watch it because we got there already past 5pm and the show times were only at 12pm and 3pm. Sayang! We also missed the Jurassic Park ride bec. they are tired already plus I’m not brave to go.

We decided just go to Universal Studios to buy some souvenirs while others stayed and rested. We bought t-shirt and cap, ref magnets, Universal Globe, stuffed toys and more. After that, we left USS already.


Our last stop was at Candylicious where we bought some candies. We took some rest while waiting our service to come. We left Universal Studios at 7:30 pm. Oh boy, the experience was so fun! Wish we had more energy to stroll all the areas and to take all the rides.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Thumbs up and wish we can come back again in the future!

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