Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Duplex Home Renovation

Lately, I’ve been talking to my bestfriend about a lot of things. She has been in an indeterminate state on whether to keep her job or be a wahm once again. I’m praying along with her and wishing that God will guide her on the decisions that she will make soon. Juggling work (office and online works), house chores and being a wife and mother are very hard thing to do but she needs to work double time for her kids schooling and other expenses.

The reasons that she also wanted to be a wahm is that she wanted her life less stressful; away from office problems that she no longer wanted in her shoulders. Apart from that, she’s been dreaming of starting her duplex home renovation project that she’s been telling me about since last year. However, since she still lacks some funds, it has been set aside for a while. Their house badly needs a makeover and I am very sure that her mom will love the idea of the renovation because it will give them more working space and a fresh new look on the house. 

Since I always go to their house from the time when we are in highschool, I noticed that their flooring, which has only cement material, needs a change too. With all the various sources of flooring materials at home depots and even online such as at http://www.cortersflooringstatecollege.com, she can now opt to choose from laminate, vinyl, hardwood or tile flooring. They also have special pricing on their products therefore; anyone wanting to renovate a house or build a new house can get some great deals at Corter’s. 

Being meticulous on all the things that she does, I’m sure my bestfriend will only get the best for the home project that she’ll start soon. Summer next year will be a good time to get it going. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait for her dreams to come true for I will be so happy for her. This house renovation is long overdue already and with all the hardwork that she has done, she and her family need a more comfortable home to settle in.

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