Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Medical Alert Systems

It’s pretty hard to get sick these days most especially when you don’t have any savings to cover up your medical expenses. My mom is turning 80 this Oct. 18th and we are so happy that she’s still very mobile despite her age. She’s been taking her daily medicine for her high blood pressure and mom’s quite obedient in doing that. I can say that she’s still healthy in the sense that she can still do whatever she wants or go to some places she needs to be in.

Even though I can see her well, I can’t help but still be worried for her. Last year, she was hospitalized for a week. Tests have been done and after ultrasound, it was found out that she has several stones in her gallbladder. The doctor gave her medicines with hopes of melting the stones but it was not effective. I was convinced that she needs an operation but she refused for she feared that her body might not bear the procedure.

Right now, she feels no pain but at the back of my mind, I know the time will come that emergency will arise. She’s been a little hard headed about the operation but I can’t really convince her about that. I’m also on the lookout because there are times that her blood pressure goes up without warning. It may seem funny but she has this handheld bell on her bed so that she can ring it when she needs me at night. Her room is also half open so I can hear her just in case. I just hope that I’m not in a deep sleep when that happens.

It’s always scary to have family medical emergencies for there are times that you can’t help but to panic. Thankfully, Medical alert systems like that of LifeNet in the US can help save lives. It’s good to know that simple gadgets are easy to use by patients most especially by elderly.These machines/gadgets can become Personal alarms for the elderly for it has large emergency button that can be press easily and it will alert LifeNet EMT’s 24/7.

Gadgets can be worn as a pendant or as a wristwatch.

medical alert systems
I just wish I could handle my mom’s medical emergency when it arises. Praying for her good health always.


  1. I need to get my mom that medical alert system soon so that in times of emergency and when she's alone, she will not be afraid bec. like you said a standby EMT will be on their way to help

  2. This is indeed very useful, especially when caring for the elderly. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like how you presented the benefits of having a medical alert system. Very comprehensive, indeed.

  4. You're right! Our parents should always be with medical alerts so anytime they need assistance when they fall or when they have emergencies they will be assisted immediately.


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