Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Want a Pandora Bracelet!

I fancy bracelets more than necklaces. I do have a silver bracelet with heart shapes and ball charms in it that I bought from a friend last year and it has been my favorite every since. I also recently bought some silver and dual toned bracelets at Forever 21 couple of months ago that I wore together with my silver charmed bracelet.

I though I was ok having those fave bracelets that I have right now but when I saw a Pandora bracelet with beautiful pandora charms from a friend's IG (Instagram) account, oh boy it made me drool.! Knowing that she can afford almost anything she wishes, I was left admiring this bracelet. Look at how nice it is, I hope I can also surprise myself with this kind of bracelet on my coming birthday or maybe Christmas!

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