Monday, September 17, 2012

Floods and Non-Stop Rain

Typhoon Karen already left the country yesterday but it's still raining non-stop for the last two days brought about by the monsoon rains. Due to that, massive flooding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces happened leaving people no choice but to evacuate again in the evacuation centers. Those that stayed at their homes have to brave the knee, waist or even chest deep waters at their homes. Ahh.. so sad.

Lately, all things have changed. With continuous rains even if there's no storm for sure it will be flooded in many areas. It only means that we have no more trees in the forest and mountains that can hold rain waters. Aside from that, esteros, creeks or river are already polluted with garbage and even squatters that prevent the flow of water.

I just hope there is still hope and solution to this problem not just in Metro Manila but I guess the whole country already.

Today, pre-school and elementary both public and private schools have no classes as what our mayor has announced last night due to flooding in many areas.

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  1. Oh Jen, indeed, I do hope that our infrastructures will improve and we will find a way to address this ongoing problem that we would be more than prepared whenever storm comes.


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