Monday, October 8, 2012

Aches and Pains.. Boo!

Arghhh.. it's not fun when you have something aching in your body. In the last few days, my right arm has been aching tremendously. It's like the muscles are stretched so much or what. I've been using my arms and fingers while I'm on the computer blogging and making digi designs and templates. I have overused it once again. Poor me. I had to put some liniment or sunflower oil on it then wrapped it an elastic band. It helps for a while but it's still hurting esp when I'm using it. I cant stop working because I need to finish before deadline so I have no choice but to bear the pain.

A friend suggested an arm exercise for those with tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome and she gave me the Youtube link of the exercise. I followed the exercised for couple of times and it helped lessen the pain and pressure in my arm. I also rested my arms for half day and it worked.

Now that my arm is kinda healed another pain appeared. My waist and legs are aching and I think my wrong seating and sleeping may have contributed to the pain. I think I  need to reconsider if I  should buy a memory foam mattress because it might also help. Actually, I already have a memory foam pillow that I use when my shoulders and neck are aching.

In the meantime, I just bought a Salonpas, medicated patch this morning and I have to put it hoping the pain will go away. I guess when we are getting old, pains and aches always come with it.

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