Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Happened Smart Bro?

Around 6pm yesterday I was so inspired to blog and use the internet but noticed that some of my blogs are not opening and I thought my webhost is acting up again. I opened my Google Chrome browser and opened some sites but to my surprise I can only open Youtube and Facebook alternately. Arghh..

I switched back and forth to Firefox and Chrome and even restarted and shutdown my computer with hopes of fixing the problem. It got worst because Facebook and Twitter are the only sites that I can access. Boo.!! I have so many things to do and blog but my internet server is not cooperating.

I asked my friends who are also using Smart Bro and they are having the same problem just like me. I didn’t bother calling Smart’s technical service because I’m sure they will be flooded with lots of complains.

Oh dear.. I know glitches can happen but I hope it will not be for long because I have so many things to do.

Thank goodness, Smart Bro connection is back this morning!

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  1. oh, sorry about that Jenn, but glad you are back here blogging now, hopefully that won't happen again. I do know the stress it brings.


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