Friday, October 19, 2012

Afternoon Walk

I always make it a point to have an afternoon or sometimes evening walk with my dog Sophie. She already knows when she’s going out when I already changed my house dress to something decent clothes to go outside. She’s pretty smart and could already tell if we’re going out.

It’s not everyday though that we get to go out because sometimes I became too busy or lazy to dress up and go out of the house. However, when we do go out, I made it a point to let her sniff and leave her mark everywhere  she wants.

Dogs are very smart and I learned that when they sniff other dog’s urine they can already know the sex and identity of that dog. Amazing!

image This particular afternoon walk happened when my niece came home from school after her school exams and ready to review again. I told her to rest for a while so we decided to go out for a walk while she rode her bike even though the front tire is flat tire already hehe. We usually walk for 30 mins or so.image


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