Friday, October 5, 2012

Ageing Pets

Ageing isn't restricted to just us humans. Pets grow, experience periods of infancy and adolescence and finally, adulthood and old age. We sometimes underestimate the similarities between our pets and ourselves. Like we would with an older relative or friend, we need to take care of those whose joints aren’t once what they were.
A dog or a cat, when older than seven, is regarded as being middle-aged. An animal obviously can't tell you what aches and pains it is experiencing so as an owner, you need to keep a close eye on it and observe any changes in behaviour. You should also ensure that you take it to the vet at least twice every year. The best way to treat any illness in dogs and cats is to give it every possible chance to be detected early. Some of the more common ailments which affect pets in their later years include thyroid problems, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis. Signs that such an illness mat be present include a loss of appetite, struggling for breath, decreased activity, diminished hearing or sight, incontinence, and isolating or withdrawing as opposed to playing and interacting.

It helps pet owners to understand that pets can now access medical procedures and treatments (such as Aktivait and Vivitonin) which help the pet to maintain and also improve their health and longevity. Certain treatments were only available to humans at one time but now pacemakers, hip replacements, organ transplants, radiation and chemotherapy and arthritis medication are all available to pets. There are also more and more vets that now specialise in orthopaedics, oncology, neurology, cardiology and ophthalmology.
There are a number of ways in which you can help your pet in its advanced years. The most important thing to do is to ensure that you offer it sufficient attention, loyalty and love. You also need to show concern for its well-being and overall health. You can attend to any special needs that need addressing by speaking to your vet with regards to any protocols and prescriptions suitable. Further, ensure that you only buy him food that is appropriate to his size, age and any specific health issues.

Another good treatment available on the market that help pets in their old age stay young is the aptly named Everpup

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