Saturday, October 6, 2012

Her Swan Origami



“Look, tita, I made a swan!” that’s what my 9 yr-old niece shouted at me one Sunday afternoon.

I saw her busy watching Youtube that day and didn’t realized that she’s trying to watch an origami tutorials. That’s the reason why I heard her asking for some scratch papers from her mom. I’m just so happy that she’s creating some stuff when she feels like being creative and one of the best place where she can get some ideas is online.

Most of the times she’s drawing or doodling on papers and it’s also one of her hobbies. Maybe one day she’ll also play metal puzzle for fun just like this butterfly disentanglement puzzle.  I am sure this kind of puzzle can really stimulate her brain and test her patience.
Butterfly's Revenge - Disentanglement Puzzle

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