Saturday, October 6, 2012

Right Now

I have so many ideas and stories that I wanted to write but I'm not that inspired or I maybe I'm just too lazy to do it. The aches and pains that I'm experiencing in my body right now also make me sluggish and a whiner. I can't work properly when I feel some pain. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine in no time.

I'm just so happy that I'm earning some $ on my digi-designing and that really helps. I've been a member and a designer at for couple of years now and I'm so happy that I have found it. I still need to make some more templates soon because October and November are the months where most orders are placed so I need to be ahead of other designers so I can earn more.

My mom has started the re-painting of our computer shop the other day. I'm not quite sure why on this rainy season she has thought of repainting and not on summer next year. Mom also has lots of projects to be done, I will not wonder if one day he'll ask our helper to buy more wood, nails or even a c clamp that they can use to make cabinets or whatever mom likes.

Sophie is sleeping on the couch right now. Actually, she's outside but I heard her cry earlier and wanted to go inside the house. It appears she's afraid of something., I wonder why. I guess she just wants to play and be with me.. Ahhh.

Nephew is watching the round one of the UAAP finals between Ateneo vs UST and he's just so excited. I wonder who'll win this season.

Just finished eating 2 banana turon that I cooked earlier. Oh boy, it was delicious and I just had my sugar overload again.

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