Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ahhh….She Wants to Play

After I wake up in the morning and before my breakfast, my dog Sophie and I usually play. Every time she hears my voice and the sound of my house slippers I know she’s already waiting for me in front of our door to greet me every morning. Ahhh.. it’s so sweet.

Then, I’d feed her dog food and play for a while then I’d take my breakfast and do some chores. If I’m working at home, she’s just there at the garage playing and guarding our house. She always barks every time she sees a stranger or other stray dogs in front of our gate. I can say she’s a great guard dog for she will not stop barking until the stranger or a passerby left already.

Lately, I’ve noticing that if she wants to play with me or if she wants to go out of our gates to have a leisurely walk she’ll make a sound or a cry. Every time I hear that, I will call her and I’ll go out.

This particular day, she cried and when I went out to see her, she immediately went to her toys signaling me that she wants to play or throw them so she can catch them. I find that very cute! If she wants to go out, she’ll go to where her leash is hanging and she’ll become excited.

Now, I know what her body language is. Ahhh look at her eyes here, she’s desperately asking me to play with her! Love yah my Sophie dear!


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