Monday, November 19, 2012

Music and Magic Party

Yesterday was a fun-filled day for me, my niece and SIL for we have attended a great 7th birthday party in Manila. Bela's birthday has a Music and Magic title and with a Rockstar theme party. Every kid is in their best rockstar attire where they enjoy dancing, playing games and watching magic tricks.

It sure is a grand party that Bela's parents have given to her. An afternoon to remember not only by the celebrant but also the kids who shared this nice event. Each kid has to come home with a nice guitar bag with loots inside. 
This is not a real guitar but all kids loved them for they can use it in school or anywhere they want. But who knows, they might give real guitars when she turned 18, that is if Bela still loves to have a Rocktar theme by then hehe.

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