Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aww.. Penalty

I was in disbelief the other day upon knowing that I forgot to pay my October monthly tax payment.That is just insane! November was almost done and I didn't remember the deadline was on Nov. 20th. Arghhh... I know that it will incur penalty. I asked my mom to pay at the bank but since it's already late, the bank didn't get it and informed my mom that I need to go to BIR because there is a penalty already. Since I was out yesterday with my SIL, I wasn't able to go to BIR office.

This morning, I went to the old office but forgot that they already transferred location.. Boo! I don't know what's in my head this morning that I forgot it again. Got in the office and I was served few minutes later after waiting A penalty is imposed since I'm already 9 days late. Yay! This will serve as a lesson for me not to forget my monthly tax payment. This is the very 1st time in many years of paying  that I paid late.

Lesson learned.. Now, I have my bill reminders attached to our ref already so I will not forget.

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