Thursday, November 29, 2012

Video Games and Online Entertainment

I can still remember the days when video games using the Family computer game console were on its roll in the 80s. Most popular games back then were the Super Mario brothers, Donkey Kong and Adventure Island just to name a few. I have to say that I got hooked playing those games before.

Seeing the potential of those video games as a business, we even bought numerous family computer machines and put in our shop where our customers played by the hour. Later on, in the 90’s we leveled up when desktop computers and online games like Contra etc. marked its way to the top. Almost all got crazy over these games both kids and adult alike. I don’t see anything wrong about video games per se; players should always be the one responsible in controlling and disciplining themselves.

These days, the Internet has been widely used by many people already and anyone can get access to various free online games too. You can play using your desktop or personal computers, iPad, mobile phones and other gadgets already. Online entertainment has never been the same for most of us, even my 9 year-old niece found online games enjoyable but of course, we see to it that she’ll only play games that are right for her age.

Apart from just the ordinary games that we can play online, online gaming that can be played by multiple players even if you’re in different areas or even countries. I can see how these players enjoy themselves while playing because they can also interact with different gamers around the world.

Now, there’s more reason to just stay at home to play games with the family and for adults to enjoy online games with fellow gamers.

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