Saturday, December 22, 2012

Addressing our Mouth Problems

A smile is worth thousand words but what if we can’t smile because we have bad teeth or in pain because of canker sores or even misaligned jaw/teeth? Awwww.. that would be dreadful.  Just this year alone, I have not been confident to smile because of my bad teeth. It was last quarter of the year 2011 when I noticed that my front denture is kinda misaligned already with the rest of my teeth. It became more visible this year and I thought it was unsightly too see.

Becoming more conscious when smiling, I decided to set an appointment with my dentist to solve my problem. My dentist told me that my gums and other teeth already receded and that makes the denture not on its place already. My dentist made a new one for me and after a week or so, I have my new teeth and that gained back my confidence to smile. I regretted not having been to her clinic much sooner but at least now, I can smile any time without hesitation.

There are practically many teeth or mouth problems that anyone can experience and all we need is the help of our dentist to resolve them. I also learned that TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome also known as “bad bite” can affect some people. It appears that the joint near jaw connected to the skull is inflamed and can cause severe pain, popping sound, chewing or biting discomfort, dizziness and many more symptoms.

A lot of factors can contribute to this kind of syndrome and having a misaligned or missing teeth are just some of them. I got scared for a while because maybe if I have not addressed my own problem probably it can lead to that if it became worst. We really need to aware of the health of our mouth and seeing our doctor from time to time just like a Fort Langley TMJ dentist if you suspect or already have TMJ can be beneficial.

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