Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meet Up with College Friends

This year will not end without me sharing some photos from my recent meet up with college friends on December 2 at MOA.

It was only last year when we gathered again after more than 10 years or so and it’s truly heartwarming to see them again this year. These are my college friends when we are taking up our Medical Technology course in FEU. Three (3) of them continued to study medicine after graduation and now they are doctors already. One is an internist and 2 are pedia doctors and I’m so proud of what they have accomplished. 

Our over 7 hours of chit-chat is not enough to share and listen to our own life and love stories. Also, I didn’t have a voice that time due to sore throat but still I’ve tried to interact with them even if I’m having a hard time talking. One friend even shared all the wonderful blessings that our Lord is giving to her family and we’re all in awe while hearing all the miracles that is happening to their family.

I’m so happy to have them as friends and even though it was only yearly that we’re able to meet each other, our hearts are surely intertwined. With God’s grace, hope I’ll meet them Nov. or Dec of 2013.

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