Monday, December 3, 2012

All You Need to Know About RN to MSN Programs

What’s the quickest way to climb the ladder of success in the field of nursing? There is a great demand for nurses across the globe, making it one of the most popular professions in the world. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and becoming a registered nurse, you can easily advance to a new career through bridge programs such as rn to msn. Since competition is stiff in the field of healthcare, a Master’s Degree in Nursing will open many doors to new opportunities. Most students of such programs prefer to take online classes because of the flexibility in scheduling that it provides, allowing nurses to continue with their full-time jobs and pursue higher education.

So how does the transition program work? Since students enrolled in this program are already registered nurses, the bridge program aims to enhance the skills and expertise of the nurses and introduce them to the basics of a MSN program. Compared to normal college coursework, the pace of is faster since the students are already knowledgeable of the subject matter. The first part of the program is often designed to test the learning of the students and their familiarity with the general nursing education.

The next phase of the program involves the practicum courses that will measure the capabilities of graduate students under different situations. This application determines if the students have the capacity to handle a position that requires not only nursing, but managerial skills as well. If you are enrolled in an online class, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and sign up for classes depending on your schedule. It also eliminates the need go to a college campus and career advisers are available online to guide you through the entire experience. 

The requirements for admission may vary depending on the school of your choice. It is best to make inquiries or visit their website to learn about the procedures in applying for admission. The tuition fees and other expenses related to the program may change over the years. Financial aid, scholarships, grants and student loans are also available.

Once you have earned an MSN degree, there are a number of possible careers in the field of nursing that await you. There are some who choose to transfer to the world of academe and become instructors. The educational system is also in need of nursing professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise to aspiring nurses. This profession could be full-time or a part-time and the salary is often based on one’s experience. 

Those who want to continue in the nursing profession can take on different responsibilities such as: a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, administrator and nurse executive. Pursuing a career in any of these fields is very promising when it comes to monetary gain since salary offers for such positions are usually higher. 

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