Monday, December 3, 2012

Sore Throat Be Gone

I had colds since Tuesday last week but didn’t pay much attention to it thinking that it will go away naturally. I just thought of drinking lots of water to wash away the virus that I got somewhere. I think it got worst on Wednesday when we went to Divisoria in Manila to buy some gifts and personal stuff. It was so cold at the new malls that I felt my cold become worse. Thankfully, I bought a cardigan that I used. We're so tired that day and when we got out it was so hot and humid. Coupled it with traffic and bad weather then it’s  no a good day. I guess I got more virus at the crowded mall.

The next day, my cough and cold is becoming worst so I have no option but to drink Neozep. It was so hard for me at night. I was coughing and coughing and there are times that it’s only a dry cough. Come Sunday morning, I lost my voice already and too bad, I had a reunion with my college friends that day.

I still went at the meeting with sore throat and too bad I wasn’t talking that much because of my condition. I took some Strepsils to help relieve my sore throat but still it’s the same.

strepsilsThis morning, I still don’t have a voice but thanks to my ginger tea, strepsils and loads of water, I became better. I hope by tomorrow, I am much better for I hate being sick!


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