Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Busy Saturday

Ahhh.. what a busy Saturday for me!

I woke up this morning at 7:00 am again. I think my body clock is already set to that time for I've been waking up at 7 or few minutes after 7. Usually I don't get up easily for I always watch TV first until 8:00 am then I'll have my breakfast.

This morning, I was able to watch the half part of my now favorite reality TV show Undercover Boss, even though the episodes are not that new. Just love this show for CEO of a company will go undercover to see how they employees work at their jobs and if there are more things that they need to repair or improve in their services or products.

I got up after the show and went to see my baby dog Sophie then had suman, a local delicacy for my breakfast. SIL went to the market and I did all the segregation and organization of the meat, fish and vegetable and that took me over an hour or so.

Gave Sophie a bath after walking her out for few minutes.I should have cleaned the garage but since it's becoming late already, I didn't do it anymore. Right after, washed Sophie's cage linen and her towel.

My chore doesn't end from there because, I still need to cook. Yay! It was already 11:30 am when I cooked our lunch. I fried the tilapia fish and cooked "bagoong" (shrimp paste)  the stinky but tasty and salty to go with the eggplant or the tomato. My bro and her family ate at our house today and gladly we had very sumptuous lunch eventhough the meal is just simple. Thankfully, my SIL washed the dishes for I have no more energy to do that and I will not do that anyway hehe..

It was only after around 3 pm when I was able to check on my online stuff but didn't quite on the go to make some work for I have been exhausted the whole morning.

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