Monday, December 10, 2012

To Buy List

Gifts for my siblings - check!
Gifts for my SILs- check!
Gifts for my nieces/nephew - check!
Gifts for my mom - check!
Gifts for my godchildren - partly check!

I'm so thankful that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping this year. It's really good to have shopped early for I really hate Christmas rush where everyone is rushing to the stores to find a gift. I was in a rush last year so I end up buying some gifts that I really don't intend to buy because the gift that I really wanted was out of stock already. I still have few more godchildren that I wanted to by some gifts and since one is into baseball I guess checking out for baseball gifts will help.

If I really can't find a gift for my other godchildren, I'll just give money instead. I'm sure they will also like receiving money so that they can buy something that they like.

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