Saturday, January 26, 2013


1. listening - : to 80's music. They keep me inspired and it brings back a lot of memories during my younger days.

2. eating -found myself eating less meat but more of vegetables and fish which are actually good for my body. Less meat means I will not be constipated. I just love papaya, prunes and grapes at the moment.

3. drinking - lots of water. Actually, I drunk lots of water when I had cold few weeks ago and it helped me so much/

4. wearing - nice comfy duster at home but when the temperature is getting cold, I'm on my tights and shirt and sometimes with my cardigan to keep me warm.

5. feeling - quite good because my family walked/jogged this morning for an hour. It keeps our blood circulation going.

6. weather - temperature varies from 21-26 on early mornings and late nights but throughout the day it'll be 26-28. Not that bad!

7. wanting - to join the group morning aerobics near our place

8. needing - to buy Skechers rubber shoes this weekend bec, I need it on my walking/jogging days.

9. thinking -of asking my nephew repeatedly to check and repair my WP blogs.

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