Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Roofing Project

I guess you already have read on my previous posts that my mom has a home project this coming summer. Our house was built in 1985 and just imagine the 28 long years that we have been living in here. There are minor renovations that has done last years and it includes the re-painting of the walls inside.

The roofing needs to be replaced already as what mom told me. Repairs and putting patches on some holes are not practical thing to do anymore for problem will arise again once the rainy season begins. Our roofing is made of asbestos, which I believe can also pose danger to health that is why we need to get rid of those roofs now. Cracks are evident now while small holes are annoying because leaks are visible during rainy days.

As what I have learned, mom had saved enough for this project and I just wished that the contractor that she can get will do the right job in replacing our roof. This will be messy, dusty and long process but I reckon if the contractors are well-equipped with their tools and professional then, I will see on problem.

Rain and too much heat of the sun can really damage any roof particularly if roof’s age is over 12 years old already as what I have learned. In countries like Canada where not only rain and sun but also snow can damage their roofing it is much more ideal to have your roofing checked by roofing contractor calgary  to make sure that your roofing is still in good condition.

Calling experts like roofer calgary for roofing repair or replacement will be a better thing to do before your roofing problems get worse.
I can wait for our new roof to be installed soon for I know it will be another good investment that mom can do for we are destined to stay for good here in our house.

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