Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life in Canada

A very good friend of mine in college who migrated in Winnipeg, Canada five years ago came home this January 4 for a vacation. Just this weekend, along with another friend, we met in a mall to update one other of our lives. I’m very eager and excited to know more about their life in Canada for we have not talked in a while except for few FB messages. The first 2 years was a bit rough for them because they are trying to stand and settle on their own.

During the tough times, they only stayed at the house of her hubby’s sister and they could not even buy a car. Later on, they got their own respective jobs - her hubby is an engineer in a company while she works in a laboratory. With those jobs, they were able to save. Since they also need to drive around the area and go to their work, having a car is really a must.

At first, buying a brand new car is really not an option so they decided to look for used cars for sale in Winnipeg that they can use to drive around the area. There are even a lot of used trucks for sale Winnipeg that they also considered. She even mentioned to me how hard it is to get a license because they are really very strict. With a lot of determination to drive, after 3 takes on the driving exam she finally got the licence to drive. Ahh… how’d I wish I can drive and have my own car too.

I know that she’s a brave and strong woman so driving and acquiring a new car is something that will not scare her. Their newly constructed house last year is also an evident that they are pretty much stable now after 5 years. I’m just so happy for them! I even learned that her eldest son who is my godchild is always on top of his class.

By now, they have arrived back in Winnipeg and they are hoping to come back again after 3 years.

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