Thursday, January 31, 2013

Travel, Places and Me

Oh yes, I made another blog and it is up already! I will not tell you how many blogs I am maintaining right now hehe. 

This is my travel blog:  TRAVEL, PLACES and ME and this is where I will compile all my travels (not that too many though), post all my dream destinations, places here and around the world and talk about traveling and vacation.
(blog header that I made for my travel blog)
A friend bought the domain name for me at Godaddy when they have a .99c domain sale for US and Canada residents only. She bought it for me and just pushed to my account, while another friend is hosting. I need to have a different host because I'm just too afraid to put all my blogs in just one hosting because my other host's account was attacked by malware few weeks ago that made some of my blogs down for a week or so.

With another blog under my care, I just hope that I have a lot of energy to maintain this blog. See you there! 

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