Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Day Out

Sophie and I finally found another way to bond. I decided to go for a long walking/jogging at a nearby village where athletes, walkers, joggers and those that are exercising frequently go to every morning. We usually walk just for few minutes in our village late afternoons or when I feel like it but this time, it's really a serious walking.

We only started walking last Jan. 18 and so far so good. We leave the house at 6:30 am before the sun rises and we're home by 8:00 am. I just decided that we walk 3x a week and that will be M-W-F. We usually go walking/jogging for an hour or 1hour 1/2 and taking breaks in between. I always bring Sophie's water bottle so that she will not get thirsty.

She loves our morning walks for she gets to sniff around and leaver her mark. There are many dogs along the road so I'm very careful that they might get on Sophie. There are some dogs that follow us and that makes me scared so I just carry Sophie until we passed those dogs.

I noticed that a lot of dog owners are also walking their dogs now at the village and other runners find it so cute. People usually notice us and there are times that they will ask Sophie's breed and sex. This morning we walked again and unlike other days, it was hot so I guess Sophie got tired that's why we stopped many times.

We'll be walking on Friday again but I'm also planning to join the aero class just near the walking area. Not only I get my exercises but Sophie as well.

Dog owners walk your dogs please! I have seen dogs that are only confined in their cages and at house and it's just sad. Dogs need to go out too!
Sophie busy sniffing around

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