Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet 16

I can still recall the “Sixteen Candles” movie of Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall back in 1984. It’s such a sweet and funny movie for teens and I can still remember the giggles that I had while watching that movie. I was also 16 during that time and that kind of movie really appeals to me.

Turning 16 will always be special for teenage girls. Sweet Sixteen is a coming of age and is celebrated mostly with a party in some countries like US and Canada but other countries have adopted it too. I never had my sweet 16 party but I know it was a fun stage for me.

These days, sweet 16 parties are pretty fabulous already. There are various themes that you can choose to make your party grand and unique. With the popularity of themed party set up, more and more stores are offering various decorations that will suit any party there is. Party Pail is offering lots of sweet 16 party ideas and supplies for all girls, co-ed and even just for boys.

Supplies like invitations, decors, tableware, sweets, wearable items and whole lot more can be supplied by party pail. You can either browse their site and look for items that you’ll be needing by category, theme or party favors.

Just some of the sweet 16 party themes are:
1. Zebra print
2. Floral
3. Modern pink and brown
4. Music theme

Actually, you can think of other themes that will suit your personality and budget. Being 16 only comes once in a lifetime, so if you can afford to have a grand party then why not.

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