Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Tips to Look Chic on a Budget

The fashion industry depends on a large percentage of women buying new clothes every season. Because trends change so rapidly, it can be very difficult for fashionistas to stay current. A true lover of fashion needs to develop ways of saving money so she can continue to add new items to her wardrobe.  

Invest in Basics
Simple, well-tailored clothing rarely goes out of style. It may not be as flashy or directly in line with current trends as new clothes are, but basics can be worn for years on end without looking dated. Every woman should own a few pairs of flattering jeans in a plain wash, as well as some slim-fitting tops in dark colours. Many women struggle to find simple dresses that fall into this category. A good basic dress will work with a woman's figure. It will not add anything distinctive to her look. A woman who is looking for a basic dress should try on as many dresses as it takes to find one that flatters all of the right parts of her body.

Use Shopping Catalogues

Shopping from catalogues can be a bit risky. There is no way to know for sure if something will fit right until it is tried on. That said, certain kinds of clothes can be fairly reliably purchased from catalogues. Clothing made out of knit fabrics has enough stretch to make up for imperfect fits. If a shopper has shopped from the brand before, she should have a good idea of how that company's sizing corresponds with her body. At the very least, she can use that catalogue to buy new or replacement versions of the clothes she has bought from the brand before.

Go for Classics
Fashion is constantly recycling itself. In the past few years alone, there have been revivals in '80s, grunge and mod trends. Women who had good taste in the past can reach into their closets and pull out their own vintage garments. They also have good sense when it comes to buying new clothing within these trends. Young fashionistas who are experimenting with these looks for the first time should not shop for vintage or vintage-inspired clothes impulsively. The most obvious examples of specific trends are often the ones with the shortest shelf lives.

Fit Matters
A woman looks better the more tailored her clothes are. This does not mean that she has to have expensive alterations performed on everything she buys. All it means is that she needs to shop according to her own body type, not according to whatever happens to be popular. Many styles do not look good on all body types. A woman is no less stylish just because she has to pass over certain trends.

Invest in Shoes A great pair of shoes can make an outfit. Sleek boots and graceful pumps can transform any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt, into a carefully coordinated ensemble. One great pair of shoes replaces multiple pairs of inexpensive shoes that wear out and fall out of fashion quickly.

Last but not least, consider checking out the online catalogues before you hit the stores. You’ll get to compare the prices for similar items and know what’s in the trend for the season to help you make the best decision when buying.
Written by Katie Hensley

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