Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Change of My Sleeping/Work Schedule

I have a small internet cafe in our neighborhood for the last 4 years now now and it's me and mom SIL who are taking turns in manning our shop. When my online works became so hectic, I decided to just work at home and let her do the managing. Things get complicated when she got a part time work at a cooperative and gasoline station as bookkeeper. Her time got divided and she only get to man the store in the afternoon while mom was there as well and me here at home.

It's been a year or so when I started working at home full time and sad to say that I neglected our store already. That made my mom sad because she feared that our customers will not return anymore because most of the times we are closed.

We talked about it and I told them that I can't stay there all day because sometimes or most of the times I have a lot to do that require a lot of thinking. With too much distraction and noise at the shop it will be hard for me concentrate. The solution: we got someone to man the store from M-Th, 10-4 pm while my SIL will be there in the afternoon till evening.

I will took over Friday and Saturday morning till afternoon so that means I can work at home from Mon-Th. It will be another adjustment on my part but I know it will be just so easy to deal with.

I noticed for the past 2 days, I'm becoming weak every night and I've been thinking of what it may cause it. They been telling me that I should refrain from sleeping at 12 midnight or beyond that and wake up at 6 am because my stamina will not take it.

They always tell me that I look soooooo skinny now and when I look in the  mirror, I just hate what I am seeing. I wanted to give myself a break, so I decided that by 10 pm I should and must be at my bed already so that I can have 8 hours of sleep.

I don;t want to get sick for my thin and fragile body might not recuperate anymore. Ok, it's almost 10 pm now so I'll be heading to my bed now. Night night!

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