Thursday, February 28, 2013

In the Mood to Sing

These days, Reign loves to sing. She's been shy singing in front of us but since we encouraged her that she can do it, she's slowly coming out of her shell. Last New Year's eve we set up our DVD machine and played videoke and we let her sing songs that she wants. She sings the familiar songs for kids but we let her sing other songs that she hears on the radio.

Her dad set up the videoke at their house and from time to time especially on weekends, she sings. In fact, she can open the DVD, microphone and the big speaker all by herself. Her favorite song lately is a Tagalog song "Pusong Bata" and in fairness she can carry the tune and follow the lyrics. She's been singing it all the time and I will not wonder that one day she can memorize the lyrics and the correct tone already.

Meanwhile, her brother was interested in playing the guitar and probably he'd asks his dad to buy him a guitar this summer vacation. 

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