Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping in Touch

I bumped into a good friend that I have not seen for a long time about couple of weeks ago and it was so refreshing to see her once again. We lost contact few years ago when she and her family relocated in Manila. I've been looking for her in social networking sites just to keep in touch with her but apparently she has no account in any of the popular sites. It seems she's really distancing herself from many people or maybe she's not really into online thingy. 

Anyway, we talked for a few minutes only for I am in a hurry to do some errands. I'm so happy for her and it seems that she's really doing great as she has growing family and stable business. I wasn't able to ask about her brother who got into a  private alcohol treatment few years ago and to know if he is ok already. Too bad, I wish we had more time to talk but nonetheless I already got her contact number just in case I need to keep in touch with her. 

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