Monday, February 18, 2013

Star Studded Town Fiesta Parade

Yearly, we always look forward to our town's Saturday parade for our Fiesta. Our thanksgiving fiesta is always celebrated at the 3rd Sunday of February. Lots of fun activities happen before the fiesta and it's actually a week long celebration. There are art exhibits, Ms. and Mr. town search and also lots of small stalls, we call tiangge selling different items can be seen.

The highlight of the fiesta is the grand long parade every Saturday and it usually start at 1 pm and will end by around 5pm touring the whole town. There are bands, floats, giants and more but the most awaited part (always) is when stars or celebrities are invited to join the parade. The crowd are always excited to see them also having fun waving at us.
This year Sheryl Cruz is present on behalf of Grace Poe her cousin.  And since election is coming it seems like she;s subtlety campaigning because she's wearing a vest with Grace Poe's name in it. Grace Poe is a senatorial candidate. The sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga are our townmates and of course they are supporting their dad who is candidate for local position. A lot of election candidates are very visible during the parade and I can't blame them for the parade is a good venue for people to see them.

The parade was fun but it left with a lot of clutter in the street. yay!

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  1. Special events like fiestas are good campaign setting for politicians. Some don't really have the passion of joining the town in celebration of the fiesta.



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