Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rabies Vaccine Shot

Sophie was so excited when she sensed that we will bring her for a ride. She knew that she'll ride our van once again and we'll be in my brother's place again. Too bad she had to be on her leash the whole time that are there for my brother's cat just gave birth and we don;t want her to chase all those poor kitties. I know that she will not let cats for she hates them :(.

Anyway, she didn't know that it was also the day for her vaccination. On our way home, we stopped by her vet to have her vaccination and as soon as she saw the clinic she was trembling already. She already knew that she will get "hurt" again bec. of the vaccines. I hold her tight but the helper and the asst. vet told me that they will hold her for the injection. She didn't cry this time but she appeared frightened.

As usual she felt a little bit weak that night bec. of the injection so I have to watch her and let her sleep in the house.

I just hope that all dog owners have their dogs vaccinated for we don't know if they can bite someone. Rabies can kill so it's advisable to have your dog get the rabies shot. It's not that expensive for it costs only P250.

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