Friday, May 31, 2013

Aching Right Arm

I'm already getting concerned about my right arm for it is aching since Holy Week!

It hurts when I try to bend it and when I carry heavy things. I'm just clueless why it is like that for I just woke up one day with an acing arm. I thought it's just "rayuma" or arthritis but it's not joint that hurts but the muscle!. I tried putting salonpas, oil and even massaging and resting it for sometime but up to now it still hurts.

I am guessing it is also due to prolonged used of the computer where my arms are bent for a long time. I don;t know! Not sure what kind of doctor to approach, maybe a physical therapist? It's been almost 2 months now that it is like this so I'm kinda worried.

There are no swollen joints or muscle that I can see but all I can experience is a sharp pain from time to time.. Arghh....

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