Saturday, June 1, 2013

How they Stopped Smoking

Smoking has been part of the lives of my 2 older brothers for decades. Since highschool when they learned to smoke and up until they got kids they are smokers. Addicted to smoking if I can say but not that heavy smokers unlike many other who puffs different brands of cigars till they drop. I know they been hearing from us that they need to stop while they are still young and fit but hey they don;t listen.

They smoke until they realized that their bodies are suffering already. My other brother experience coughing tremendously that he is the one who decided to lessen his smoking up until he decided to quit it. His doctors advices also helped but the coughs got him real deep. He doesn't want to end up with lung cancer for his children are still young. Truth knocks him out and thankfully he is not smoking anymore for the last 5 years or so.
Meanwhile, my oldest brother got the scare of his life about 2 years ago when he got experience a mild stroke after eating too much meat full of cholesterol. He was then confined at the hospital and was so scared for his life. after recovering, he vowed not to smoke again and lessen his fatty food intake.

Good for my 2 brothers for they still value their lives and their family. They don't smoke anymore after they realized that they need to value their health.

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