Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coming Home Soon....

Right now, my sister and her husband are already soooooo excited to come home here in the country.

Why? Their 2 children are graduating from college and all parents will be so proud of that. Both of their children will be graduating from the same university, the eldest took Computer Engineering while my niece finished her Multi-media arts. It's been a long and hard studying for them and finally they are graduating from studies. It's no joke to finish their college degrees esp. at Mapua Institute of Technology where they have 4 terms per year. Just imagine taking up subjects for only 3 months and with only 1-2 weeks of vacation each term.

Just so happy for both of them. In fact, my nephew already landed a job for himself. He was actually absorbed by a company where he trained during his OJT. He is into game developing, something that he really loves to do. He said that it is his dream job.

I'm wishing both of them good luck in their chosen careers and this is just the beginning of their new lives as employees.

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