Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elections 2013


Yesterday, MAY 13, 2013 is Automated Philippine National Election where we need to elect new 12 Senators, Congressman, Governor - Vice Gov., Board Members, Party List, Mayor-Vice Mayor and Councilors.

After lunch time, heavy rains started to pour so we just waited for it to stop before going out to vote. It was around 2 pm when we went to the elementary school where we need to vote. In just few minutes we're able to locate our precinct room. Thanks to Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) staff for finding our precincts using their computers.

Other precincts have long lines of voters but thankfully I was only at 3rd row in our precinct's line. I was done voting in just couple of minutes because I already know who to vote plus I have a list with me just in case I forgot.

Voting is easy now because it is automated already. We just need to shade the oval shape beside each candidate's name. After voting, the board of election inspector (BEI) in our precinct lets me "feed" my ballot at the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine and it was successfully done.

An indelible ink was place on my index finger and it's a sign that I have voted already and have exercised my right to vote as a citizen. 
While waiting for my mom and SIL to finish voting outside the room, then came TONI GONZAGA with her mom and dad who is running for Vice-Mayor. Toni, is a local celebrity and my townmate. I was excited to see her up close and fortunately, my mom and I had the chance to take a photo with her.

She was in jeans, black long sleeves,cap and wearing a blue "bota" (rain boots). Beautiful, skinny and always smiling when someone asks her for a picture. Many years ago, she's was an SK (Sanguniang Kabataan) member in our place, so politics and serving is not new to her.

As of this writing, his father Carlito Gonzaga is winning the vice-mayoralty candidacy.

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