Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scales for your Business

Purchase your livestock scales online to ensure that you have the best tools for your business. These are durable, high-quality products for warehouse or industrial use. Turn weigh data into digital format linking directly to your computer. Save time with a more efficient livestock weighing system. Choose solid weigh bars to counter balance livestock. Stainless steel square or rectangular platforms have non-slip surfaces. Select an axle scale for easy loading or unloading.

A large platform scale that can handle 60,000 pounds is available with dimensions of 10 feet by 10 feet. These livestock scales are resistant to rust and can be easily cleaned. Use the large livestock aluminum alleyway to guide animals onto platforms for their weighing. Accuracy is important.

The DataLog system allows you to track weights immediately. You can buy a postal scale - economical in size, shape and function. You can choose from a variety of specialty scales also, like pallet jack and forklift scales. You can also get the new drum scale for use in shipping and receiving. The watertight junction box is ideal for any environment. High quality, diamond-plated steel is used in these NTEP-approved scales. The built-in overload protection ensures that workers will be safe while using this drum scale. Find the best livestock scales at

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