Friday, June 21, 2013

Get Up, Move and Exercise!

I woke up a bit early this morning and it was gloomy, perfect time to walk, breathe some fresh air and exercise. I munch a piece of bread first before going out because it's not nice to work out when you are so hungry. I wore my black leggings, a shirt and my rubber shoes and as soon as my dog saw me, she got excited for she knows we're going out. We walked in our neighborhood for about 15 mins. and from time to time I jog while Sophie just wanted to sniff around hehe. I gave her some privilege of doing that since she also needs to smell doggie scents.  Since the 5 dogs of my neighbor are always following and annoying use every time that we are out then it's also the chance for her to socialize.

A 15-minute walking is enough for us but how'd I wish I can do more. After walking, I got my bike and went biking for a good 30 mins.. Sophie was crying and begging me to put her leash back and go with me while biking but it's impossible. Anyway, after biking, it's now time for my 10-min booty exercise in our living room. I found a nice booty and waist workout in Youtube and I have been following it since January.

There are times that I exercise every day but when my lazy mode attacks, once a week is good enough for me since I am not that big anyway. After every exercise, I feel energized and lively.

I'm also wishing to upgrade my workout wardrobe and replace my ordinary t-shirt to a more comfy one. There's no more reason not to be healthy, young/adults, fat or thin can always do any exercise even at the comforts of your home. You don;t need to go to the gym just to exercise for you can do alone in your home. To make you inspired to exercise, esp those on a plus size, try to browse junonia for plus size activewear that you can use when you workout. Sometimes, having proper workout wear can inspire you to keep moving.

So get, up, move and exercise everyone! Let's all be healthy!

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