Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Little Drummer Boy

I always admire people who has a talent in music whether be it in singing, making songs or even playing any musical instruments. I have once tried playing the guitar when I was younger but I got no patience for it so I end up not learning at all. The piano is also tempting to learn but I never really got so interested in joining a class or something and the only thing that I can play on piano is the "De-Re-Mi" song lol which is just basic.

My friend's son is into musical instruments and she even enrolled his son on a drum class where he can hone his skills in music and also to develop his confidence. I guess they can save on dynasty drums at guitar center if they want to buy a quality drum that he can use to practice at home. Who knows one day her son will turn out to be one of the respected musical artist in the country.

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