Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Showing Their Creativity

The love for arts and craft will always run in our family. In fact, my 2 older brothers has been winning in many national painting and arts competitions here in our country and that is something we are truly proud of. Just recently, my bro won another national art competition but I will make a separate post on that.

While our family tends to love arts, the family of my friend are showing their creativity through music. I can still remember my friend used to always sing and dance at our school fares during our primary and secondary years and even up to now. Her father is a band member playing the guitar while another brother of her is a member of a local band that use to play during fiestas and all. I am guessing that more members of their family are musically inclined as well just like they do.

My brothers usually buy their art supplies at local art shops while my friend's family got their at music stores locally and even online. I need to tell them this for they can get real good discounts just in case they need to invest.

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